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About Mary and the Process

My name is Mary C. Miller.  Many years ago, when I began experimenting with my scanner, I had a full time bonsai tree business - growing, shipping, teaching, writing and lecturing.  There wasn’t much spare time.  


Now, retired from that passion, I've returned to my early fascination with creating scanner photography, sometimes called scanography.  

Subject Matter

The flora of Florida is often my inspiration. However, even a tiny pumpkin in the grocery store and a small old log have attracted me!

The camera in a scanner shoots upward, subjects are placed face down.  Yes, the objects are placed directly on the glass.  I often look at small things and wonder what they would look like when scanned and then greatly enlarged.

What Makes Them Look Like Paintings?

​The word giclee (prounced zhee-klay,) is a French word meaning "to spray," referring to the inkjet printer method used to print my photographs.  When I saw the first professional reproductions of my scanner images using this ink process on canvas, I knew I had achieved the outcome where they could be most appreciated!

Different Sizes

Scans on canvas are available in sizes to suit your space. Often, the larger they are, the more impressive they become . . . and the clarity is maintained!   


Prints on archival paper are also available.

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